Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is this place?

Welcome to Adeptus Draconis, a new blog dedicated to all forms of tabletop gaming, from board games to war-games. I'll be posting about up and coming expansions to great existing games, and doing my best to get information on the newest games hitting the market.

My goal is make this place a resource for gamers new and old to find out about the wonders of tabletop gaming. I've been addicted to computer games, and I've lost touch with the people around me before, but thankfully, I've always had that one friend to put his hand on my shoulder and pull me back. Away from the keyboard, to the table, to the other people at the table, to the dice, the cardboard game board, the plastic tokens and pewter figurines. I'm still playing a game, but now my party in the dungeon are the people at the table.

Let's bring gaming back to it's pen and paper origins. Let's dust off those dice, tear out those tokens, fix up those figurines, and get some old school gaming going on!

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